Nigella Lawsons Rubarb Vodka

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Nigella Lawsons Rubarb Vodka

Post by Sara » Fri May 23, 2003 12:52 am

Rhubarb vodka

Approx 1kg rhubarb to make 600g trimmed weight
300g caster sugar
1 litre vodka

2 x 1 litre jars
1 x l litre bottle

Chop the rhubarb and divide it between the two jars. Ad 150g sugar to each jar, put the lids on a shake well. Unclip the lids and pour 500ml vodka into each to fill.
Close the lids, put the rhubarb somewhere cool and dark for at least six weeks and up to six months (yeah right!). If you remember, shake the jars every day or every other day for the first month or so.

Strain into a jug then pour into a bottle

Makes 1 litre.

Nigella Lawsons Rubarb Vodka


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