Papaya Spicy Salad

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Papaya Spicy Salad

Post by Poupe » Fri May 23, 2003 7:30 pm

**papaya or carrrot sliced 1 papaya or 3-4 carrotsor both for colors
**(you can also use fruits such as red and green grapes it tastes good as well )
**cashew nut (can get from sesto for example ) 2-3 Tbspoons
**palm sugar (from thai market yrjonkatu) or just sugar if you want 2 tbspoons
**lime 4tbspoons
**thai red/green chillies as much as u can bare
**garlic chopped
**small tomato 3-4 (espanjalainen is a good choice)
**grean long pea chopped to pieces about 3 cm ( from sesto there is some in the box, from egypt)
**fish sauce 3-4 tbspoons slice the carrot mix with raw papaya (costs 5 euro :roll: , you can use only carrot if you want) and put to a big bowl
2.chop the long green pea to small pieces, and tomato
3.put the garlic to the blender to make a small pieces or just chop with knife
4.make the sauce
-put palm sugar to the pan, add a bit of water and melt it in the pan
-find small bowl , squeeze the lime
-add fish sauce
-add the melted palm sugar
-chiili if you like
- add chopped garlic
-mix together

taste the sauce and add more lime fish sauceor sugar if you like

5.then in the big bowl you put all the vege together with cashew nuts, then add the sauce
6.mix well with a big spoon

it is a healthy food, and tasty you can keep the fresh carrot or papaya in a box and put to the fridge...and keep the sauce in the bottle , and mix it together when you wanna eat next time

PouPe S.

Papaya Spicy Salad


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Post by jvrijn » Sun May 25, 2003 9:21 pm

I just made a variation of this. REALLY GOOD!!!

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