Eastern Foods - Hämeentie

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Eastern Foods - Hämeentie

Post by harryc » Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:46 pm

Anyone been following the development of the food shops on and off Hämeentie? Aseanic was the best for a long time - run by 2 ladies. They sold to a couple of guys a few years ago.

ViVoan was a late comer and started competing on price with the Aseanic ladies. He then started raising prices. The 2 new Aseanic guys started to have better prices. ViVoan expanded a bit. Aseanic does seem to have bit friendlier service.

Selectioos at both are very good - especially if anyone remembers the Finnish Desert and Wilderness of 25 years ago!!

But after just visiting Aseanic I notice that many prices have gone up more than what any inflation would point to. As said ViVoan has not been shy about pricing lately - so it's beginning to look like they are now competing onn the basis of who can come closer to K and S prices without losing customers. Kind of the Bauhaus--K-Rauta syndrome.

Has anyone noticed any newcomers in the area worthy of attention?

Eastern Foods - Hämeentie


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