Finnish Education System: The Best In the World

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Post by Niall Shaky » Wed Sep 17, 2003 11:32 am

Hi there Arty, I'm tempted just to write "you're full of !"#¤%", but then that would be rude, so I'll quarantine that phrase with quote marks :wink:

Knowing though that you won't have to starve or do poor jobs
Finland has been through it's share of tough times, even in fairly recent memory, e.g. the huge recession at the beginning of the nineties. So you could actually argue that a lot of Finnish parents would like their kids to do well because they can remember the tough times and realise that it is important to be competitive in the labour market.

Times are not exactly brilliant now either (as your reference to the NET layoffs confirms). I know a couple of people with Masters degrees looking for work at the moment- it aint easy when there's 200 applicants for each job in Hesari.
Let others be concerned by that, for instance ulkomaalainen cream of the brains invited here temporarily to do the work for Nokia
Although there is a smattering of (some very good) foreign talent in Nokia Finland, most of the workforce remains Finnish, so it is essentially Finnish talent that makes Nokia tick.

foreigner employee will get kicked out first if it is the socio-economical case and if he's not a genius enough to keep his place in Suomi
If you're referring to the NET layoffs, then I'm guessing that the vast majority made redundant were Finnish, and the total cross-section probably reflects the make-up of as NET as a whole.

So, Arty, what the hell was your point? I don't think you really said anything constructive and just came across as someone who is quite bitter about something.


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