Bringing my motorcycle (650cc)

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Bringing my motorcycle (650cc)

Post by benoitb85 » Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:05 pm

I'll be moving soon as a resident and have to decide if I should bring my motorcycle or not.
I will live in Helsinki.

The motorcycle is a 2011 Suzuki Vstrom 650. It costed around 7500€ new in France, I bought it used in 2014.
I tried to understand the document at: ... 008_en.pdf

If I want to bring it as removal goods, does it mean I will have no customs to pay on it ? As the new price is around 7500€, far less than the "Tax reduction for importation as removal goods" of 13 450,00€ ?

Finally, will it be a good idea generally to bring it ? I can't ride on the snow or ice, so how much time of the year could I ride it ? When you rent an apartment in Helsinki is there usually a place to park it, protected from the weather ?

My wide and myself like to tour by motorcycle or bicycle and camp.
If I want to visit Estonia or Sweden for example during my summer vacations, is it easy and not too expensive to put in on a ferry ?

Bringing my motorcycle (650cc)


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Re: Bringing my motorcycle (650cc)

Post by Pursuivant » Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:57 pm

You usually rent a spot in a parking garage or then some garage that has "winter storage". A bit like with bicycles. With a motorbike that is small money compared to the insurance.
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Re: Bringing my motorcycle (650cc)

Post by Upphew » Sun Jan 24, 2016 5:26 pm

Pursuivant wrote:You usually rent a spot in a parking garage or then some garage that has "winter storage". A bit like with bicycles. With a motorbike that is small money compared to the insurance.
True dat. Here is something for op to chew on: ... svertailu/
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Re: Bringing my motorcycle (650cc)

Post by meplusthree » Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:44 am

you'll need pay customs, its probably calculated from the price when the vehicle was registered at first to use and market depreciation value of it. Its hard to guess the amount, I think somebody here would help with the actual calculation method which even I am interested to know.

You probably wont have anything to pay if you owned the bike before 31st Dec 2014 .

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Re: Bringing my motorcycle (650cc)

Post by Piet » Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:34 pm

As a motorbike owner who did the same as you want, I can tell you the following from experience:

You probably need to pay road tax when you import the bike because they changed the law 1-2015 that motor-vehicles are not removal goods eligible for tax reduction anymore.
You might be lucky if you are eligible to the reduction based on a temporary solution mentioned in the the law change.. something with the moment of buying and scheduled import date.

In case you need to pay tax, this will be calculated according to the price of a similar or same bike here on the market (22% of that price is the amount you have to pay, I believe 22% was for 749cc and lower).
Tulli will decide on this price and you might want to check their website for the pdf that has an overview of imported bikes in past months and years to give you an idea of how much the value of your bike will be in Finland.

For driving, depends greatly on your die hard attitude, but I guess from half of may till half of september riding would be without problems.

Storage of the bike is normally not possible in an apartment storage hence it contains gasoline, oil and a battery, if you want to store it inside the building where also people live, you should drain the oil, gasoline and remove the battery.
Hire a storage for the bike in winter, is the normal solution here in Finland.

Remember also that in Finland you are not allowed to park on the side walk and you have to pay for a paid parking place (like in the Netherlands it is the other way around 8) ) especially in Helsinki :x

Insurance is a problem, it is ridiculous expensive, make sure you take a declaration from your current insurance with you which state the damage free years clearly (in English is enough) this will get you some bonus discount to start with.
There is at least one company that has a special insurance (seisontavakuutus) where you can pay only for the days when you drive (with minimum 30 days between deactivation and activation), this company I use too, called IF.
I found this more cheap than having the bike insured all the year. downside is you do not build up bonus years if you drive less than 90 days from september to september.

Good luck and see you on the road maybe.. :D
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