Can I bring our child to Finland?

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Can I bring our child to Finland?

Post by bridget_20 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:44 pm


I recently just moved to Finland on a RP to join my husband who works here and we have a 3 year old child who is still back home (South Africa). Although my husband and I are married now our child was born out of wedlock and in my country when your not married and the father of the child is not present during the birth to claim paternity the child automatically takes on your surname (you the mother)

So my husbands details do not appear on our sons birth certificate although we managed to change our sons surname recently (so we all have one surname now) the problem is that there are no fathers details and we therefor cannot register our son as my husbands child my question is is it possible to register him under my status and apply for a RP for him even though I am currently unemployed?

Can I bring our child to Finland?


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Re: Can I bring our child to Finland?

Post by Rip » Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:34 am

It seem the answer is yes (Aliens Act):
(1) When applying this Act, the spouse
of a person residing in Finland, and
unmarried children under 18 years of age
over whom the person residing in Finland or
his or her spouse had guardianship
considered family members. ... 040301.pdf

Assuming here you (together) have sufficient income.

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