Attachments for Working Holiday Visa Application

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Attachments for Working Holiday Visa Application

Post by em93 » Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:16 am

I will be moving to Finland in mid-April to stay with my boyfriend for most of this year. My boyfriend is then planning to move back to Australia with me once he graduates. We are both students (I am currently studying online which allows me to continue my studies while I'm in Finland). He is a Finnish citizen and I am an Australian citizen. I'm now applying for a working holiday visa and I want to make sure I attach all the relevant documents so that my application is not denied.

I have almost finished my online application. I've attached the required passport photo etc, but I don't know what else I need to attach. Everything else is optional but it says if they require something they will inform me and I can submit further attachments, but that might delay my application. Obviously since I'm leaving in a month and a half I want to make sure the application goes through before I leave and I would like to avoid any delays if possible.

So my question is what other attachments do I need to submit (if any)? (Or should I just submit the application and wait to see if they need anything else).

The website for the Embassy of Finland, Canberra, states that the following must be included in the application:

- The Finnish residence permit application for internship/working holiday visa duly completed (OLE_TY3).
- Appendix to residence permit application; Passport photo (OLEL_PK).
- The applicant's valid passport.
- Two (2) passport photos meeting the requirements set by the Finnish police.
- A document providing proof of sufficient funds (approx. 3000,00 Australian or New Zealand dollars) for the first three months.
- A return ticket or sufficient funds for purchasing it.
- The processing fee
- Registered Post Envelope and extra cover (if you wish your passport and the residence permit card to be returned by mail)

But in my actual online application the only "must" document is the ID page of my passport and any pages with markings, which I've attached. The rest are optional and are related to internship agreements and employer certificates (which don't apply to me because I'm applying for the Working Holiday Visa).

At the end there is the option to submit "Form MP_1 (response to possible refusal of entry and prohibition of entry)" and finally any other optional attachments you want to add to support your application.

Should I submit the form "MP_1"? I don't see any reason why I would be refused entry... but want to make sure.

And for the "optional attachments", should I provide them with the said "document providing proof of sufficient funds for the first 3 months", and a "return ticket/sufficient funds for purchasing it?".

The trouble is, I don't currently have the "sufficient funds", but the fact that I'll be staying with my boyfriend rent-free, means that I don't really need the $3000 they mentioned... I'm also not a big spender. And I've also only bought a one-way ticket because we don't know the dates that we will return to Australia yet so we want to wait before we book that. I have "sufficient funds" on my terms to book a return ticket and to live there for the year, but I don't know if they will consider it to be "sufficient"...

I think I'm probably overthinking this but I want to make sure there are no problems leading up to my departure... Any help or suggestions would be appreciated :)

Attachments for Working Holiday Visa Application


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