RP Processing time

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RP Processing time

Post by pksri » Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:00 pm


First I would like to apologize if it is a repost.

My name is Pradeep kumar, I made my RP for employed person application last week (19th of July 2016). I have a peculiar case/problem that I am not sure how long my visa application will take. As per the specialist I have salary more than 3000€ (my salary is 3500E/month) and regarding university degree I have Bachelors of Engineering degree from India and I will receive my master degree only by end of December 2016 from Sweden. But in the application for the specialist they have mentioned to upload the master degree which I will complete only by 1st week of September and its impossible to give any proof at the moment apart from my available transcripts. So, I made the application as employed person and uploaded all my documents to prove my education qualification.

so, do they consider my application as a specialist or employed person? If I am considered as a Employed person, approximate time to process my application? In TE office do they give partial decision depends upon the qualification or the queue is normal for everone? Does anyone faced such a problem?

Looking forward for your valuable suggestion. I am bit worried about the RP.

Thank is advance!

Kind Regards

RP Processing time


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