Moving to Finland as an American

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Re: Moving to Finland as an American

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Forget tanning beds and get light therapy lamp if you are affected by SAD: ... e_disorder
If the darkness is bad enough, sure, I got used to it after a couple years in Seattle.
:lol: Seattle? Not even close to length of daylight we have in the southern tip of Finland. I'm from just over the border in BC and if I'm "home" at Xmas, it's really like I've traveled to a tropical paradise compared to Xmas here. :flowerhat:
My mistake, I meant the looming, perpetual grey that is Seattle and Portland. The complete darkness I have no experience with. I only meant the constant grey, dull, overcast, no sun, but constant sprinkles and showers. I don’t doubt what you guys tell me. So I’d hope I’m atleast primed to some degree for despressing weather. Instead of a complete cultural and weather shock if I’d come from most anywhere else in the US, save for Alaska lol. BUT, like I said, it’s a process, I’ll learn as I go and heed the advice of others the best I can.

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