about the unemployment office Finnish courses

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about the unemployment office Finnish courses

Post by Hee » Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:11 pm

I want to study in Finland but my partner wants me to come for a year and do one of those full time (unemployment) Finnish intensive courses.
I'm wondering how good they are? So he thinks those courses offered by the unemployment office are so intensive. Even if they are taught only in Finnish I can handle that, I've got some Finnish under my belt.

I also won't need the money from this course and want to do it without receiving money.

So what are they like? Anyone experienced in them?

Also what are the waiting times for different parts of Finland? I think I remember someone saying a year waiting for the courses in Helsinki? But I'd also be interested to know waiting time in other Finnish cities/towns
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about the unemployment office Finnish courses


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Post by alloydog » Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:25 pm

Wooo yay ! one of my pet topics !
It`s been covered several times, but the OS I`m using at the moment won`t let me copy & paste stuff, so go to Search, type in the username box ``alloydog`` (without quotes) and select the ``Living in Finland`` forum. There are several posting made about this course. Though to be elegible for it, you must be entiled to unemployment benefits and have the right to work here. Or else be a ``government sponored`` immigrent, that is, a refugee...

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