Photography Courses in Helsinki

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Photography Courses in Helsinki

Post by Alejandro_Lorenzo » Sat Dec 06, 2014 5:02 am

Hi everyone!

I would like to inform about the photography courses I organise myself at Helsingin Aikuisopisto and at my own studio. I have them both in English and Finnish for DSLR camera beginners.

This is the info about the basic course:
"The course is suitable for beginners and for those who have already practice for a bit and want to develop their skills from the basics. The course evolves with practices to learn step-by-step including the camera basics, composition, trip photography, portrait and introduction to photography manipulation. The course includes a visit to a high-end professional photography studio. The also course includes distance teaching. The students get access to an online group where they can publish their photos; get analysis, feedback and advice from the teacher as well as to interact with other students. The students can participate on the online group at their convenience and timetable. The students are required to bring their own digital SLR camera from the beginning of the course."

Check it out, admission of applications opens in one week!



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Photography Courses in Helsinki


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