Applying for Sibelius Academy

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Applying for Sibelius Academy

Post by Sheajannemackay » Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:02 pm

Hi, all!

My name is Shea, and I'm from England.

I'm wondering if anyone here could give me some advise on what to do for my audition video to Sibelius.

I've been playing guitar for 9 years, am suspected to be at grade 7 (Should be getting my Grade 8 early next year), So I have a decent playing ability.

I mostly play Vivaldi on guitar, and my other interest would be Neo-Classical Metal, or anything along the lines of complex lead.

If anyone has any ideas as to what would be best for me to play, please tell me.

Kiitos :ochesey:

Applying for Sibelius Academy


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