Downhill ski in Finland (...or nearby)

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Downhill ski in Finland (...or nearby)

Post by atroul » Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:51 pm

is there in Finland or in the nearby countries(Russia, Estonia, Sweden) any ski resort for a good and affordable skiing weekend?
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Downhill ski in Finland (...or nearby)


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Re: Downhill ski in Finland (...or nearby)

Post by victor » Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:12 pm

No answers yet? That's lame...

I hope this is not too late. Skiing in Finland can be very expensive and depending on the trip and number of people and early arrangements you can get to the alps relatively cheap.

The biggest mountains in Finland are north from here. Levi is the best in my opinion but unless you buy discounted prices, you will spend around 250€ to fly to kittilä. Or train + bus and that can also be expensive unless you can pay student ticket (I guess). And then accomodation...

South of Finland have relatively small ski centers, the biggest reachable is Tahko some 500Km but it's a long way there I prefer to go to Himos 300Km and slopes are smaller than Tahko but good enough and steep enough if compared with the other smaller hills in the south. Check for more details about those.
Messilä in Lahti some 100Km but a bit too flat for my taste.

Near Helsinki there are a few interesting places I have been but a full day is too much, you will get bored:
Talma in Kerava has many ramps and jumps.
Sveitsi in Hyvinkää has the longest hill I believe.
Peurama is really small but very close.

If properly planned, you can fly cheap to Munich and from there you have a lot more possibilities.

In Sweden you can try Åre, haven't been there but it is for sure bigger than finnish mountains in the north.

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