Becoming an apprentice

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Becoming an apprentice

Post by Just.L » Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:56 pm

Hi everyone!

While i'm waiting to find a half-time job in Helsinki, i would like to use my time and to learn skills from a professionnal from one of my passion fields, which are :
- Sewing ( tailoring, pattern making, advanced sewing )
- Photography
- Films ( screenwriting, and directing )

I'm basically looking for someone to teach me some tips, in exchange of free of charge work for this person, which could be called as being an apprentice.

As it may sounds unusual, i have to tell it has became a norm for me to ask that way. I have not been attending school since my 15, and educated myself on my own in order to get to university, which has given me a whole lot of time to learn a lot from people i've met. I learnt music by working in a jazz club, i got a press secretary job in a film festival by big luck, got to work on a long-feature american film from cleaning someone house in UK, and lately got a job as film director on a festival because i happened to cast a production director on a student job.
I do believe that such opportunities come from asking and big motivation, so here i am asking!

If anyone knows someone who knows someone, or if you are simply concerned by one of those field and willing to teach me about it, in exchange of a big smile and hard work, then please, contact me! :D

Justine, french, 20 years old!

Becoming an apprentice


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