Magic "Zebras"

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Magic "Zebras"

Post by harryc » Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:24 pm

There's a long thread been going here on Zebras. The emphasis seemed to be on somehow tuning drivers to almost react via a sixth sense to stop for pedestrians who were seemingly even just thinking about crossing the street.

All well and good - there are an incredible number of urban cowboys now in Hki area (bolstered by renegade Estonian 'drivers') who would drive over their grandmother to get where they are going 10 seconds earlier. And getting some discipline among them would be a very welcome improvement.

But in any case - I am noticing more and more pedestrians who are not even bothering to LOOK to see if there are cars - they step onto Zebras as if there was some kind of magnetic repulsion force that is going to keep them from being hit. Then there are those who see a car coming about 3 meters from the Zebra and then jump out daring to be hit - and then there are those so intent on their phone call they wouldn't notice anything until they were UNDER the car. And let's not forget the brave 'mothers' who push the baby stroller out first to stop cars.

Has there been a boom in the 'education' of potential Darwin Award winners?

Magic "Zebras"


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