Civil partnership

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Civil partnership

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Hello all,

I am a Vietnamese guy who is currently living in Finland and planning to do the registration of civil partnership (same-sex) with my Finnish boyfriend and I have 2 questions that need your helps:

1. As the information i got from Maistraatti that I need to get the Certificate of marital status, aka Certificate of no impediment from my country. The problem is that I have to write down the reason for applying the marital status but if the reason is to get married with a foreigner, the office asked both of us to come back to Vietnam for them to make an investigation (even if i do not get married in Vietnam. It sucks!). So i would like to ask if there is any country, within Europe is the best, that do not require a certificate of marital status from my country but just a "decleration of honour" or "sworn affidavit that you are free to marry" or something like that? I have read somewhere in this forum that you can go to some countries to get married without a certificate of no impediment but now i can not find it so...

2. I also asked the lady in maistraatti and she said that i do not need the birth certificate but i also found it

"How to Get Married in Europe
Required documents for all countries:
Full birth certificates showing both parents' names
If divorced, show your original final divorce papers
If widowed, show the death certificate of your former spouse
If you have changed your name then show legal proof of the change
(Bride and groom must not be related by blood, marriage or adoption)"

So I would like to ask if i need it or not for the registration of civil partnership?

Thank you so much.

Civil partnership


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