DNA retired subscriptions without internet

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Re: DNA retired subscriptions without internet

Post by Upphew » Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:51 am

roger_roger wrote:One of my DNA subscription which was cheapest at 1e/month and extra internet of around 10e/month. Yesterday I received a letter from DNA saying they will no longer provide subscription without internet and my 1e/month subscription would be upgraded to 6e/month one with some basic internet service. No mention about my already subscribed extra internet which I will call and ask them.

But the thing is, why are they forcing internet to the phone users? Its very unfair if the person doesn't have smart phone with all those usage of internet.

Any news if other networks like Sonera, Elisa, TeleFinland following the suite?
Elisa nee Saunalahti did that few years ago.

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Re: DNA retired subscriptions without internet


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