Different between YTK and other unions?

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Different between YTK and other unions?

Post by binhtran » Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:52 pm

I am currently working full-time with a permanent contract. Some of my friends told me about the unemployment fund YTK and unions. I wonder what is different between them and what should I join?

Different between YTK and other unions?


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Re: Different between YTK and other unions?

Post by riku2 » Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:10 pm

YTK is not a union. It's an unemployment fund (you can consider it unemployment insurance that pays you for a while should you become unemployed). Union membership normally includes the unemployment fund coverage but other things as well. Union membership in finland is quite high, and not limited just to lower skilled positions like it would be in the UK or USA (not that it does the higher skilled any good since in Finland they are comparatively worse off than in other developed European countries).
Anyway regardless of union membership, the union will probably renegotiate your job contract from time to time and you will work under those terms, like it or not, member of the union or not. this is called a collective agreement and again very common in finland even in skilled positions.

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Re: Different between YTK and other unions?

Post by Upphew » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:59 am

Difference between YTK and "other unions" is like difference between apple and apple pie. Apple is the unemployment benefits, all the other crud in apple pie is really the union stuff. Legal advise, help when dealing with crummy employer, magazine, travel insurance, deals on hotels or gas, etc. unions have it all covered.
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Re: Different between YTK and other unions?

Post by tavastia » Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:50 pm

And the fee difference is huge, from 110€ at YTK to few hundreds of union, depends of your salary. By paying 19€ extra you get almost the same as with the union: http://www.ytk-yhdistys.fi/, except the free magazines and some offers you will never use...

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Rehu : Different between YTK and other unions?

Post by zetorpilot » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:36 pm

roger_roger wrote:After being member of YTK for almost 2 years, I am thinking about going back to TEK (union) again. Joining either one reaps benefit during unemployment, but joining union may reap more benefit during employment.

As I work two places, I always had issues calculating the holiday days from the part-time job, I always felt I was cheated either in monetary pay or holiday duration. When I was TEK member, I used to send them email and their email to the employer usually made the decision on my favour. The fees of TEK is around 20e higher per month than of YTK, so I decided to join them, but they have been pretty negligible and you have to wait few days just to get reply for some simple question. Calling has never been solution as "En puhu englantia" is common reply you hear from YTK grannies who receives the calls. I've asked them several times about the holiday thing and they keep on redirecting to ask here, there, bla bla, occupational health and safety, this and that, you'll never get a straight and up to point reply from them.

I'll be checking few other unions for Engineers during this month, if not then will join TEK again from beginning of next year. Enough of YTK bullsh.it and unfriendly service.

Why should you expect the "ytk grannies" to speak English in a country where the languages are Finnish and Swedish?

I think it behoves us resident incomers to acquire at least enough of the country's language to handle simple situations like a phone call to YTK. It's not that hard, and frankly criticising Finns for not speaking English comes across as pretty unattractive. If I may borrow from your tag line.... maybe the world is asking more from you.... are you sleeping?

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Re: Rehu : Different between YTK and other unions?

Post by interleukin » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:33 pm

zetorpilot wrote: Why should you expect the "ytk grannies" to speak English in a country where the languages are Finnish and Swedish?
Yeah... it's not like Swedish works either. Or anything out of the norm, even in Finnish.

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