Own job plan from Te-Office

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Re: Own job plan from Te-Office

Post by Honest » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:54 am

All people can't be honest. And this group includes a lot of alcoholics, benefit seeking migrants from Estonia and many other EU countries and a lot of other foreigners. So not really a representative of Normal and average Finns.

Re: Own job plan from Te-Office


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Re: Own job plan from Te-Office

Post by Upphew » Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:20 pm

Piet wrote:I just wonder how TE office is going to do this, 400.000 jobless, every 3 months an interview, half hour minimum incl. paperwork and filing in the system.

Let me do the math on that, that is 800.000 hours work in 1 year time.
1 person works 36 hours a week and has 160 hours holiday (about...I think) that would make 1712 hours work for one person
That would be work for 468 people full time without sick leave when there is a flu or influenza or pregnancy or parental leave and every half hour the next "patient" comes and lunch breaks and coffee time are not working time.

So I guess now sipilä can say he created 500 jobs. :lol: :lol:

Oh and of course this is only the front office, we are not discussing the back office yet or the management, so probably the amount of new jobs created is about 500 front office, 1000 back office and 500 team leaders and 2000 managers :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh and if the whole interview process takes an hour, this amount doubles :wink:

What a country... you got to love it. :thumbsup: :ochesey:
I think your maths checks out as there was news about couple of hundred new hires in TE office and latest number of unemployed from findikaattori.fi is 213000.
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Re: Own job plan from Te-Office

Post by angelcorpse » Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:40 pm

Have been living here for almost 7 years now and have gone through this process three or maybe four times. You get to meet a person who asks you a few questions about your education background and what you want to di with your life, and so on. The one I´ve had to deal with was an absolutely hopeless nutcase in her fifties who doesn´t speak a word of English although she´s in charge of the "foreigners" - luckily I learnt Finnish in two years but when you talk to such people language is definitely not the issue, it´s the fact that they live in their own abstract office world and don´t have a clue about what actual problem solving requires. I guess such meetings will now get more and more rare due to the economical situation in this country, and that´s why more "independent job centres" are being created at least in the area where I live (Hyvinkää, but as I said more and more of them are being created in the Helsinki area). Such services are still financed by the town hall but at least they do try to provide more useful information and come up with realistic solution than actual TE-office, whose purpose has been losing importance for years now. I have now been their customer since December and they´re already trying to do their job, which I appreciate a lot as I´ve stopped thinking the TE-office can help me in finding a job already a few months since arriving here. They did find me one though, in 2015- but was only for six months :lol:
I hope you get to talk to someone who is competent and has good listening and customer service skills. Good luck!
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Re: Own job plan from Te-Office

Post by angelcorpse » Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:47 pm

leisl wrote:I've been a client of theirs for years (low income) and they usually made appointments like that for me that were 7 to 8 months in the future... and then before the appointment arrived, the case officer would just send me an email and ask if my circumstances had changed, then change the date to 7 or 8 months further ahead. And never actually have any meeting. My current case officer, first assigned to me in I think 2010, has never met me.

I've gone years without speaking to anyone in person. The only time I've had contact with them recently was to advise my change in employment (and all I did was fill out a form). I've had the case officer changed twice and it's back to her. Among her gems was to tell me I had a compulsory job offer in Lohja for temporary ad-hoc kitchenhand work starting very early, where I'd be notified I had a day's work each morning, and have to go in asap. I told her I wouldn't be applying as my commute from Helsinki would mean I'd have to leave at 10pm (hours before I knew whether I'd have work) and then I'd have to sit in a bus stop for hours, as I'd arrive at 2.30am in the morning. Such a stupid job to send to a Helsinki resident when I am sure there are unemployed locals who could do the job.

I think now you'll understand why they overhauled the system... if I remember correctly, appointments will now be every three months.

So your date of 01.07 is almost guaranteed to be replaced with a sooner appointment.
I have been unemployed since May 2016 (had landed a job at a Helsinki office which should have lasted until last December but they didn´t renew my contract already in May as according to them the "palkkatuki" had expired -which was not true of course) and since then there hasn´t been a single sign of life from TE-toimisto , although I handed in my certificates and all kinds of papers three days after my job had finished. I have been doing short teacher substitutions in nearby schools for two years now, but that can´t of course be counted as a safe source of income.
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