INTERNSHIPS-for English speakers?

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INTERNSHIPS-for English speakers?

Post by Naomi » Thu Jan 26, 2006 5:50 pm

Terve everyone!!

im with the bunch of people looking for a job in Helisnki, :? been looking on the internet regualry on this which i thinks really cool to share ideas and advice. Hoping someone can possibly give me some......

Im a British graduate (BA European Tourism) aged 21, no finnish language skills, but speak good french, really hoping to enter the travel market in Finland, at any level,

I've only experience in bar/restaurant work,and have been working as a data administrator now for nearly 6months,

Ive beeen told by friends that many tour operators offer placements and internships abroad to do a variety of jobs-tour reps/guides, data admin, airport transfers etc...... however most of the companies like airtours, and thomson seem to only offer these places in mediterranean resorts, i would love a placement in Finland, (Helsinki) but cant find any info on any,

If anyone could help me i would really love them and kiss the screen 5 times in their honour!

Thanks for your time guys -moi moi for nyt!!

INTERNSHIPS-for English speakers?


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