Any info on jobs on Helsinki-based cruise ships?

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Any info on jobs on Helsinki-based cruise ships?

Post by BenM » Tue May 05, 2009 11:57 am

Hello all,

I'm wondering if anyone has any info re: working on any of the passenger ships doing regular runs out of Helsinki? I have done multiple searches through Google etc., and have looked at most of the sites of the major companies such a Silja and Viking Line. What keeps coming up is a multitude of recruitment companies like that charge a fee for their info.

Background Info and sub-questions:
I am a 31 yr old Australian able to currently work on a reciprocal working holiday visa. My fiancé of 4 years is Finnish and we only moved here a few months ago. My Finnish is pretty ordinary at the moment. I have about 5 years experience working on ships a while back when I was in the Royal Australian Navy. I am pretty good at all the Seamanship stuff, basic navigation, and ship-based fire fighting. I acknowledge that orders/instructions on a ship have to be understood and responded to instantly, so if the bridge/ship language was in Swedish, Finnish or Estonian, I would not be suitable. I don't know what the operational languages of these ships are. Anyone know?

Any bumsteer in the right direction would be appreciated :thumbsup:

I also have Questions related to teaching English which I'll ask later if I can't find for myself.


Any info on jobs on Helsinki-based cruise ships?


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Re: Any info on jobs on Helsinki-based cruise ships?

Post by Pursuivant » Tue May 05, 2009 5:26 pm

Viking is based in Mariehamn and operates in Swedish. I was in Viking a few times doing on-call jobs from the seamens employment office when unemployed in the mid-90's and even for a job as the "stand-in of the auxiliary part-time tax-free steward" you needed to navigate their switchboard in fluent Kongå. Tallink-Silja... thats Estonian ownership these days, Tallink runs Estonian crew - Silja was Mariehamn-based as well so thats Swedish. Basically all the jobs in that area "went" with the EU and demise of tax-free already started in the 80's.
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