Looking for Business Partner - Biz in Africa

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Looking for Business Partner - Biz in Africa

Post by owoyalefemi » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:28 pm

Hi Guys,

I am an (African)-Finnish young man living and working in Finland. I am a serial entrepreneur with 3 well-functioning startups so far. One of them is: LIVICODE TECH SUOMI http://www.livicode.com The success of others, I take very serious with passion because I believe in synergy to make the world better. I am looking for an ardent, serious-minded, entrepreneurial, skilled, and passionate Finn who is interested in taking a business to Africa or willing to do business in Africa.

There are two models I am interested in:
1. If you have a ready product that we could take to the African market
2. We brainstorm on a product that could be of great use in Africa.

Please, do contact ONLY if you are interested or do have someone that you can refer: [email protected]


Looking for Business Partner - Biz in Africa


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