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Looking for a Job

Post by Stanley_T » Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:40 pm

Hello, I'm not new on forum - just cant remember login ;(

I'm looking for a job.

I am a young - 30 years old guy from Poland.
By education I am a graphic designer (basically a computer scientist-econometrician, but I have specialization in computer graphics design).
Currently I’m looking for work in Finland (something long term – year, or more)
Probably you will ask why I don’t want work in Poland? Because the mentality of the majority of Polish people (especially management) is incomprehensible for me. The current situation in which every person trying to ‘report’ "friend" of the same office to his boss is unacceptable - I can’t work like that. I am looking for work among people who, like me appreciate the honest and reliable workers.
Employer for which the employee caring for the welfare of the company where he works is worth something (not about the money, but rather a simple "thanks" from time to time).

What job I’m looking for ?
By education I am a graphic designer (finished college in Poland, certified American university IUPUI, more than 5 years’ experience). I know that at the beginning (if at all) work in my profession is unlikely to be possible, because I do not know Finnish, but I know English enough to understand what I have to do to handle software, read a book / tutorial, etc.).

What I can do except a graphics (WEB, DTP, 3D)?
I grew up in the countryside - so the physical work is not foreign to me - I know how to work.
- I know a little something for masonry (I built house with my father)
- Can plug in electric cables, etc.
- 'Twisted' pipes,
- Long time ago I was also planning tiles,
- I worked in a dairy (helped parents as a child)
- I was working in the bindery (printing house),
- I know a little about the mechanics (I’ve repaired many cars, replaced the head gaskets in two Renault Vel Satis 3.0L diesel, the Acura Legend 3.2L V6, MG ZR 1.4 L replaced the cylinder rings on a motorcycle, I fix my own car (also my father car), replacement of suspension parts, connecting lights, etc.). Car repair is my hobby :)
- I can configure the software and fixing computers
- Have authority to operate a forklift,
- Driving license B (+ ability to ride a motorcycle)

In fact, I'm like the handyman - I know how things work and how to fix them ;]
I currently work as a graphic designer in my own company providing graphics design services for hotels (it’s only temporary).

If any of you know someone who is looking for a permanent job for someone honest and hardworking please give me any information, willing to undertake the work at any position which will allow me to live normally as possible in Finland. I may be working on the farm, cleaning, work in a printing bindery, helping on construction, in MC Donalds, whatever – anything for longer time (year or more).

Best regards !

Looking for a Job


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