Relocation for business and life (advices needed)

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Relocation for business and life (advices needed)

Post by cscy234 » Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:12 pm

Hi, everyone,

I became a yrittäjä a year ago with a business idea to online sell vintage/old design items to my own country. This business doesn't make me rich at all. But I am living and grounding my life with hope in Finland.

Now, I live in Lahti, I feel that my life and business is in bottleneck. (Lahti is a relatively big and functional city, but I didn't find enough or really good quality "Kirppis/kirpputori" shops to hunt my items.)

*Do we have some local friends here who is into vintage/old items culture and who can suggest me that which city in Finland is best to hunt old vintage items?

How about Turku or Helsinki? are you from there?

Looking for your help.
Thank you so much!

Relocation for business and life (advices needed)


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