Offering tutoring, translations and language assistance

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Offering tutoring, translations and language assistance

Post by angelcorpse » Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:33 pm

I´m a 32-year old Italian woman living in Hyvinkää. I have a MA degree in Scandinavian languages and literatures (Swedish and Norwegian), but I also speak fluent English and French. I have basic command of spoken German and a good understanding of the written one. I´ve learnt to communicate in Finnish at a B1/B2 level, both written and spoken.

I´ve been tutoring children and young adults in languages and humanistic subjects (especially History and Geography) since I was in high school. Here in Finland I´ve been doing internships as a school assistant and substitute language teaching in both Swedish-speaking and Finnish-speaking primary schools, plus a secondary school.
I offer homework and studying assistance in all the languages I´ve listed above, plus Italian teaching for those who are interested. I have also some experience in translating from Finnish to Swedish, Norwegian and English, plus Swedish to Italian and Italian to and from English. I´m willing to use either English, French, Swedish or Finnish as teaching language.

I´m positive and outgoing, I like helping people and learning something new all the time and I set great value upon pupil´s progress. I´m mainly available in Hyvinkää/ Järvenpää/ Riihimäki area, but I can consider Kerava and Helsinki centre area too. Prices per lessons would be from 10 to 20 euros per hour, depending on the difficulty of the subject. Translation help fees can be negotiated.
If you´re interested, contact me at [email protected].
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Offering tutoring, translations and language assistance


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