Piano and Accordion teaching(Helsinki,Vantaa, Espoo)

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Senni Wang
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Piano and Accordion teaching(Helsinki,Vantaa, Espoo)

Post by Senni Wang » Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:47 pm

I am Shen Wang from China. I am a Master's degree student studying accordion playing in Sibelius Academy. and also piano playing as a secondary instrument. I am looking for students who are intersted in having accordion or piano lessons. I have participated some international accordion competitions, like the Arrasate Hiria international competition in Spain in 07.12.2015( won the 2nd prized) and the Coupe Mondiale international competition in FInland in 10.10.2015(Placed 5th). I take pedagogy course in Sibelius Academy and have experience of accordion teaching. I am professional, patient and responsible.I can teach students from different ages(both small children and adults). My native language is Chinese. I can also speak fluent English. If you are interested in studying music, don't hesitate to contact me!

Shen Wang
email:[email protected]

Piano and Accordion teaching(Helsinki,Vantaa, Espoo)


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Re: Piano and Accordion teaching(Helsinki,Vantaa, Espoo)

Post by albacore » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:57 am

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