Piano lessons in English @Sibelius Academy

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Piano lessons in English @Sibelius Academy

Post by melindasys » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:08 pm

My name is Melinda Seaw and I am a postgrad student of the Sibelius Academy.
I am from Australia and I have recently graduated from Bachelors of Music in the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

As a piano teacher, I have extensive knowledge and experience with helping students develop as individual musicians. Having completed Piano Pedadogy 1 in Sibelius Academy, I am familiar with the Finnish Piano School. However, it is important to be flexible in my teaching to accommodate different levels and individual personalities.

Lessons will be engaging, creative and comfortable. I encourage discussion and questions in lessons to promote thinking outside of the box, discovering different ideas to problem solving.

I truly believe that taking music lessons will develop if not, enhance intellectual thinking and behaviour. When one has enthusiasm for music, they become curious about things and they have the desire to learn – and that’s where real knowledge and music making emerge.

I teach all ages from beginner up to advanced level.

Please feel free to contact me for more information:
[email protected]

Piano lessons in English @Sibelius Academy


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