Comic Reading group at Pitkämies store (HKI)

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Comic Reading group at Pitkämies store (HKI)

Post by jelle » Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:21 pm


and the rest in english

So, we have been having these comics reading group at Pitkämies for a while now and i thought i could promote them here as well. The idea is simple: each thursday at 5 people come at the store and we discuss / talk / rip apart one comic book which we have all read. When that is done, we buy the next book, read it and get psyched for the next session. It is held in English because i am a lazy bugger. Mind you, some books on the list are in Finnish.

here is the reading list of books to come

09.04: Deathnote 1 (Oliba, Obata)
16.04 Alix 13: Karthagon Aave (Martin)
23.04 Deogratias (Stassens)
30.04 Sarasvatin Hiekkaa (Ristomäki, Tolppanen)
07.05 What it is (Barry)
14.05 Yhesti yhes paikas (Pirinen)
21.05 Three Shadows (Perdosa)
28.05 Kova Länsi (Hagelberg)
04.06 The Arrival (Tan)
11.06 Filth (Morrison)
18.06 Exit Wounds (Mordan)
25.06 I shall destroy all civilised planets (Hanks)

Pitkämies is situated in Kallio, (hki): Kolmas Linja 17
more info: pitkamies at

the reading group is for free ofcourse, but i do appreciate you buying the books from the store. If you already have the book, there's always plenty of other books to buy from me... he he


Comic Reading group at Pitkämies store (HKI)


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