General alarm test 1.6 12:00

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General alarm test 1.6 12:00

Post by onkko » Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:34 am

"Väestöhälyttimet testataan jatkossa samaan aikaan eri puolilla Suomea. Säännöllinen kokeiluajankohta on kuukauden ensimmäinen arkimaanantai klo 12.00. Ensimmäisen kerran samanaikainen testaus on 1.6.2009. Samana päivänä klo 11.20 kokeillaan myös television hätätiedotejärjestelmää. "

Starting today general alarm systems are tested every months first nonholiday monday 12:00am. You will hear 7sec static sound, just ignore it. If its real alarm it will be 1minute long pulsing sound and will be in radio and tv too.
They also will test TV emergency system so you will see running text in all major channels at 11:20am

There is nice animation what to do if real alarm comes. You also hear alarm and all clear signals, test signal is like all clear signal. ... blish_eng/

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General alarm test 1.6 12:00


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Re: General alarm test 1.6 12:00

Post by maurine » Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:15 pm

yeah, i saw this at work today, and we thought it was another shooting, afterward when checking the tv text we realized it was just a drill
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