Australians in Finland Facebook group.

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Australians in Finland Facebook group.

Post by Kutittaa » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:18 pm

A few months ago a friend and myself created the "Australians in Finland" facebook group.

There aren't many members as of yet but word is slowly getting around. I've been a bit too busy for a long time to spread much word around. We are actually the only group of our kind on Facebook.

As the group says: Created as a place for Aussies living in (or travelling to) Finland to chat!

When the group gets more members we'll start organising meet ups and activities for Aussies and anyone else who feels like turning up or participating.

Australia and Finland geographically couldn't probably be further apart and it's quite something to deal with the distance and seperation from our home country. Hopefully if we get enough members it'll be a bit easier on all of us.

So if you know any Australians or if you are interested in meeting some or participating in events with some then join the group! Don't be shy!

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Australians in Finland Facebook group.


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