Main Espoo Swimming-gym centers closed for the entire summer

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Main Espoo Swimming-gym centers closed for the entire summer

Post by Findi » Thu May 28, 2015 1:54 pm

Espoo has few swim indoor centers open with their respective gyms and not all with the best and full facilities: Espoonlahti, Espoonkeskus and Tapiola.
If one needs therapy pools (elder, injured people, ...) there is only a real Therapy pool, in Tapiola. Real beacause has six water massage points compared to the impossible to use, two of the Espoo one. So if one leaves in Soukka, using public transportation, needs about one hour to reach any of these centers. After such a trip, these two sport centers are completely full by training courses and when available full of families, kids, who are left with only the therapy pool to play which barely can be used by the ones in the need of therapy. To swim, basically, one has only two lines, of 25 meters long; one for fast swimmers and the other one, for all kind of 'swimmers'. There is no way to swim without inconveniences.
For the summer it gets even worse; not only because of the Espoo centers closes for about a month and a half (depending on the center) leaving even without therapy for weeks. Not only because children don't have pools where to go to play or people where to go to spend hot days (especially in the past unbearable hot summers); Espoo, despite having a coastline, lacks 'beach' type areas where to place oneself to get fresh breeze from the sea, the population is too extensive for the few tiny small beaches and platforms (the latter mainly use by kids with 'hooligan' behaviors) besides the water is not safe for swimming due to the contamination levels and the watercrafts driving too close or fast.
This summer gets even worse. From this Monday, first of June, Tapiola and Espoonkeskus are closed for the whole summer!! No therapy, no outdoors swimming pools, no safe waters, no place where to spend hot summer days out. One should try Helsinki instead, at least they have more facilities and the opening hours of the indoors centers are better (longer).
No wonder people keep travelling abroad (to crowded and unbearable hot destinations anyway) even having here in the capital region of their own country, excellent weather and beautiful coastline.

Main Espoo Swimming-gym centers closed for the entire summer


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Re: Main Espoo Swimming-gym centers closed for the entire su

Post by Rosamunda » Thu May 28, 2015 9:58 pm

I am agree about the pools closing in summer. Madness. But it has always been like that and the recession only makes it worse.

Not everyone wants to sit in grit on a "beach" with no waves and watch people get drunk. I'm not sure what you mean by "therapy", but for sure people need to have some access to a pool where they can work out. It's surprising that no one has opened a private pool to plug the gap in the market. There are a gazillion private gyms in and around Helsinki but no private pools except the ones inside hotels or inside gyms.

Nowadays not so many people go to the mökki for the summer, and the summer weather is not always conducive to sunbathing and beach volley. I'm pretty sure a private pool/swimming club would make money, especially in Helsinki. The gyms are raking in cash, so I imagine a pool could be launched with a similar business model, even if the initial investment and infrastructure is significantly higher.

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