Ekapeli - learning game

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Ekapeli - learning game

Post by onkko » Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:57 am

Ekapeli is a learning game for Finnish children learning to read.

Ekapeli is based on Finnish methods of literacy teaching. Teachers are encouraged to use phonemes instead of the letter names (eg. /k/ instead of letter name "koo"). Using letter names in spelling has been found to be confusing. After the children have learnt to master all the letter-sound connections, they are taught to put the sounds together to make syllables (blending), and then finally syllables are put together into words. Teaching starts with the smallest and easiest things and children learn to read and write longer and more complicated words by time (synthetic approach).
http://www.lukimat.fi/lukeminen/materia ... -english-1

There is currently one aimed for finnish children and other aimed to russian immigrant children what focuses specially to things hard to them. (according to http://www.nmi.fi/koulutus/maahanmuutta ... a-laajenee they have english, arabic and kurdish versions now too)
Page is only in finnish but there is "how to guides" in russian end of this page

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Ekapeli - learning game


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