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translation request

Post by WebDesEyen » Thu May 08, 2003 12:50 am

my plan is to move to vaasa before the turn of the year. unfortunately i need a job or at least a reasonable outlook on one to be able to move, and i feel that it would greatly enhance my chances if i would at least have a curriculum vitae in finnish.

so, my request: i am looking for someone that would be kind enough to help me translate my online curriculum vitae website from english (or dutch) into finnish. since this is my cv i would like to be sure it is flawless, so anyone (close to) native would be great.

it is not massively much as in a complete novel, but a part of it is a portfolio with project descriptions. this is quite a long page, the rest is all short things. since the whole thing is in sections it would even be possible to do just separate sections.

if you would be kind enough to help me please let me know, i will send you the url so you can have a peek and then decide.

thank you very much in advance!

i should have studied something basic, like quantummechanics...

translation request


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