Best way to learn Finnish ?

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Best way to learn Finnish ?

Post by JormaOikarinen » Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:41 pm

Hello! im looking for the best way to learn finnish , i have been studying for more than a year using material which i found on the internet , but it seems to be inssufficent , i can say and read very VERY simple sentences about weather , time .. but not much more , i'm quite worried because im visiting Finland this summer and dont want to use English .. any suggestion ?
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Best way to learn Finnish ?


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Re: Best way to learn Finnish ?

Post by SNorkola » Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:49 am

I just recently moved the Helsinki area after graduating from High school last year in the US. I have been studying the Finnish language on my own-more or less- for the past year and a half. I've been in classroom settings, as well as language camps. I've used websites like Quizlet and Verbix and even Wikipedia and still continue to use them as I am not yet fluent in Finnish :ochesey:

However, in my experience, the best way to learn Finnish, or any language really, is to visit or move to that country and just speak with the native speakers as much as humanly possible (as scary as that may seem-at least to me it is :beamer: ). If you just explain to people that you are studying and wishing to practice your spoken Finnish they will usually be more than happy to help and speak with you :D

It may be a little unrealistic if you are wishing to not use ANY English on your visit here this summer, at least you won't get too too much done. But that depends on what you really know as far as vocab and your pronunciation skills.

I would recommend visiting the language cafes and free Finnish classes that are held at some of the libraries ( -there is an option to read things in English). I also need to gather up more courage and go out and simply talk to people more. But I hope this was helpful. And I hope you have a nice time here in Finland :)

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Re: Best way to learn Finnish ?

Post by macora » Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:16 pm

I used to learn Japanese by myself, and did the same with Finnish for a short while only. I agree that your goal is a high one for THIS summer, probably too high. Best bet would probably be one of those phrase books for travelers, and expand from there. Those are topics that you will need, most probably.

For the longer run, I would suggest to invest into a book, where self-study is possible, or even the main goal of the book. The material on the internet is great, for an introduction, and as side-material. In my opinion a book gives the structure, and a lot of additional information, and exercises, most sites do not give. The one I would get at the moment is probably this - watch out that you get the version WITH CDs.

Besides a book I strongly suggest to find ways to actually use the language, preferably with native speakers. Two sites that I use for that are and - they ask a small fee for subscription and then you can get in contact with all kinds of people learning, and helping all kinds of languages. It is usually an exchange, so they may want to learn your language, and offer Finnish as exchange. On MLE you can get in contact actually without the fee, but can only say Hi, and hope the other person tells you their email, or some such thing. In case you are playing computer games (MMO or whatnot) why not choose a server where the Finns are playing.

And now that you will be traveling here, indeed, talk talk talk :) I am one of those shy ones for whom that is not so easy, so I take myself by the nose here, as we are saying in my language ;) Maybe you will be making friends here, where you can exchange addresses. Have a great trip, and enjoy!!! :)

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