Kovat piipussa

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Kovat piipussa

Post by Monken » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:01 am

What does "kovat piipussa" mean?

Kovat piipussa


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Re: Kovat piipussa

Post by FinnGuyHelsinki » Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:09 am

Literally it means that a weapon (e.g. a rifle) has live ammunition (and not e.g. blanks) loaded in it and is ready to fire. "Kova" referring to the live (real) ammunition ("kovat" being plural), and "piipussa" meaning "in the barrel", i.e. chambered. Figuratively it means "meaning business", not playing around, being on the brink of taking or being ready to take drastic measures in order to resolve a situation.

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Re: Kovat piipussa

Post by onkko » Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:24 pm

TLDR; I will kill you.
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