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Re: puppy adoption in helsinki

Post by podzap » Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:05 am

If either you or your spouse is not a Finnish citizen, then you will have trouble adopting a dog from the Finnish organisations. Reason being that the adoption contracts state that the dog does not belong to you, but it belongs permanently to the organisation i.e. you can not move out of the country and take the dog with you and you also can not give the dog away to somebody else. This is a fairly standard adoption contract in almost any western country, nothing special regarding Finland. Estonia still being similar to a third-world country, they take a very lax view on most things - not too long ago, somebody shipped a horse from Estonia to Finland inside a metal shipping container and it died from the heat.

Other than that, about 3-4 years ago we adopted two very wonderful dogs from this organisation: http://www.espanjankatukoirat.com

The adoption fee is 450 EUR, and that covers the costs of transportation from Spain, neutering / spaying, initial immunisations, health check, dog's passport, and microchip.

Re: puppy adoption in helsinki


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Re: puppy adoption in helsinki

Post by jsilverman » Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:50 pm

Does anyone know what the etiquette is for dealing with breeders in Finland? It seems very difficult to get on a list, and I was wondering if it is frowned on to ask multiple breeders at once?
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