Change of rules for receiving unemployment benefits

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Change of rules for receiving unemployment benefits

Post by NukkuMatti » Thu May 04, 2017 10:13 pm

Dear fellow immigrants and native Fins at this forum, is there anyone that can tell me more about the oncoming change in the rules for receiving the unemployment benefits from Kela.

I have heard from a (Finnish) friend that there was an article in some paper about this, the article referred to a new requirement for the unemployed who receive unemployment benefits form kela.

The change would be that every unemployed has to do 12 job applications every 3 months (effective 1 per week, like I have already been doing for the last 8 years but because my name is not really NukkuMatti, I never got the job :cry: ) No but seriously I am for multiple reasons very interested in this (smart) development 8) ,

I am especially interested in : how will they check this?,
Does that mean that companies which receive such job application must inform Kela or TE office of every application they receive? (nice finally something happens with the never answered emails :lol: :lol:
Or is it enough you CC them to TE office (like I always do)?
How much tax payers money will this cost extra and will they ever earn it back by cancelling allowances from people that do not comply?

Not complying with this new rule would mean 2 months no unemployment payments. :shock:

Does anybody know anything about this change and where to find the details about this (preferably in English).

yours truly


Change of rules for receiving unemployment benefits


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Re: Change of rules for receiving unemployment benefits

Post by Y77 » Sat May 06, 2017 8:03 pm

It will probably be like JSA in UK

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