Choir concert - songs from Eastern Europe

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Choir concert - songs from Eastern Europe

Post by pikkusue » Fri Nov 28, 2014 10:56 pm

Welcome to the concert of Maailma-kuoro, international women's choir in Helsinki!

The center pieces of the concert are four swinging songs by Veljo Tormis. These songs were sung in the central places of villages in rural Estonia, where there was often a swing. Especially young adults used to amuse themselves by swinging and singing, so the lyrics of these songs often dwell around hopes, fears or finding a companion.

Around these songs we have built a concert inspired by the inevitable movement of life, the ups and downs, the sway. In addition to Estonia, the songs of the concert originate from Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Finland.

The music lets us take a look at the different sides of life, the hard and the soft, and after studying them, gently allows the organic movement carry us forward.

Warmly welcome!

8.12.2014 Monday
Door open at 19:30
Juhlasali / Ball room, Botta
Töölönkatu 3, Helsinki
Liput / tickets 15 / 10€

Choir concert - songs from Eastern Europe


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