Best pizza flour

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Re: Best pizza flour

Post by AldenG » Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:57 pm

sinikala wrote:
Not related to the thread, credentials / best pizza...
thin crust - Pepe's in New Haven
deep pan - Spontini's in Milano
If you're going that far afield, then Mother Bear's in Bloomington, Indiana.

In case you're musically inclined, it is literally across the street from the flagship building of IU's Jacobs School of Music, kind of the midwestern Juilliard or Sibelius Academy -- though in musical circles, it hardly needs introduction or comparison.

Both Mother Bear's and Jacobs have won many awards for their standards and productions.

If you visit Chicago and you're a connoissseur of fine pizza or fine music, Bloomington is worth the detour

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Re: Best pizza flour


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Re: Best pizza flour

Post by harryc » Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:43 pm

Nope - that's the wrong flour for Pizza Napoletana

It may be fine ('00') - but it is Durum - it's on the 'no gluten' end of the scale

it's called Grano Duro

the right stuff is Grano Tenero


I too have been using the Durum in the past - usually 50-50 with 'regular'

the whole thing is that even with all the pizza 'background' I had never really paid attn to the flour


and I thought maybe I was very clever to use the Italian Durum (actually most of it starts out in Manitoba :-( )


but now on this visit to Settebello in Las Vegas - revealed the secret - it was all over the menu

I don't find it on the net but here's one page

this 'lesson' has been some kind of epiphany for me - at least I know what's needed - it's to e seen if I can deliver

I had always realized the pizza 'crust' should be well-done - even much black on bottom - and always thought 'crisp'

but now I found out that it should also be chewy - and that comes from the gluten

Settebello uses Caputo 00 - they even had 25 kg bags in the restaurant

a search of Caputo 00 on google shows it to be thought of as one of the best if not the best


the Italian folks in Turku have a different brand but supposedly even extra gluten which can only be good

I've ordered 5kg - plus some polenta flour - and some Coppa and Parmigan

so we'll soon see if I can hone my baking skills

I'll get back


mind you - I've been chasing what I have found I like - the traditioal Napoli pizza


someone can plop some ketchup and edam cheese on some Fazer toast and call it pizza and LIKE it - I say fine - but not for me - except when severely hungry :)

btw - the 1 day aging is good to do


I would like to add that 'pizza' now means many different 'foods' to many people.

The original pizza of the modern European age is the 'pizza' from Napoli. The general idea of a flat bread with something on top goes back probably even 3k years.

I happen to like the Naples style for a lot of reasons I won't elaborate here.

But there have evolved many kinds - the Chicago thick bread crust - the even deeper dish pizza - and there are all kinds of home-grown varieties using all kinds of flours, 'breads' and toppings. My search for the Naples style has been my own choice -

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Re: Best pizza flour

Post by alphamusic » Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:33 pm

If you end up making a lot of pizza there are a few sellers on that ship to Finland for a reasonable price. This link probably wont work for long, but this seller has 25KG of Caputo Blu pizzeria for €50.50 delivered to Finland. It is a kit that also includes 1kg San Marzano tomatoes, some bechamel type sauce and two pizza slicer wheels: ... EBIDX%3AIT

From what I have read the Caputo Blu is supposed to be one of the best flours for Napoletana pizza. The only problem is you can't get a real Napoletana pizza unless you have 450 degree c plus oven temperatures. One of these machines is popular for people who want to try to get close to the right temperatures at home without building a pizza oven: ... _i=desktop ships for a reasonable price to Finland as well. I believe OBH Nordica sells a very similar clone / rebadge. It's currently €80 at netantilla: ... 696--malli?

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Re: Best pizza flour

Post by harryc » Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:56 pm

Tried the Spondini from Turku - and excellent. Also the yeast - huge diff with yeast as to what we get here.

Crust was crisp AND chewy -just as should be. At 2.80€ kilo (5 kg pack) - just fine. It even has extra gluten.

Real hot oven even better - but what I got on a stone plus highest normal setting - was excellent.

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