civil wedding information needed...

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civil wedding information needed...

Post by daive » Sun Sep 07, 2003 4:50 pm

Hello all

Does anyone know the position of whether one can have a civil wedding performed by a magistrate outside a registery office i.e. at a hotel in Finland and outside office hours too?

Thanks in advance...

civil wedding information needed...


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Post by Hank W. » Sun Sep 07, 2003 8:49 pm

Yes, you can have a civil ceremony anyplace, but that requires some advance planning as their schedules can be tight and some places may be more flexible than others. It doesn't have to be your local one either, if you want to do it in the sticks, then you need to contact a local official.

If push comes to shove, as the official "ceremony" really requires nothing else than two people to be present and sign a document with two witnesses (the secretary and janitor) present, you can have any kind of ceremony you wish, actually, performed by anyone afterwards. By law, a civilian marriage can be preformed by a circuit judge, chief judge or the registrar of the magistrate. So it is either the magistrate or the district court.

Many "marriages" in church are actually "blessings", but if you don't know the exact difference of one phrase, a layman won't notice.

More info (in Finnish):

But contact the magistrate... err... no, let the missus contact the magistrate. Otherwise they'll say "tä, ei, mene pois!" :mrgreen:

...and does this mean we'll be getting a bachelor party soon? :mrgreen:
Cheers, Hank W.
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