Anyone jealous of their spouse's business trips?

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Post by Nathan Lillie » Sat Jan 24, 2004 3:28 pm

I have to travel about 1 week or so out of every two months, and I hate it. Business travel is fun when its once or twice a year, but when it gets to be a substantial part of your life, airports, trains and hotels become really tiresome. Living on restaurant food can't be healthy either.

My wife seems a bit jealous of it, though she gets a couple of trips per year also. Last February, she went to New Zealand for a conference and I went with her because we extended it to a holiday. That was a nice trip because we extended it to a month, but it would have been hell for her just to fly 30 hours there, stay 5 days, and fly back.

For the most part, you really don't have time to see any sights or do anything fun. If you travel alot you just get sick of it and stop caring about even trying to get a little tourism in.

On good thing about it, though, is the opportunity to re-stock the liqour cabinet at a reasonable cost.


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Post by Caroline » Tue Jan 27, 2004 2:21 pm

MinnaRaisanen wrote:I have something to say that I'm so glad was brought up by someone else because I thought I was alone with my feelings.

I can totally relate to feeling jealous of your partner's work. My bf doesn't have the greatest job in the world or make a ton of money, but he never complains about work. He likes what he does and will one day inherit the company from his father. My jealousy stems from the fact that I just can't seem to find work here that is satisfying and challenging for me. I think it wouldn't be far off to say I feel a pang of jealousy for any foreigner with a 'good' job :roll:

I feel utterly useless in the career department and I think that is the core of all the 'whining' many of you think I do :roll: Back home I worked in Television and really loved that work environment, but here it's almost impossible to get work in TV so I end up with dead end jobs that I hate.

Also, I find that I am a little bit of a snob as far as my education is concerned. I worked really hard in University and got really good grades so it's not an easy pill to swallow when the only work I can get is this crap I'm doing now. Maybe I just don't know what is out there or have the right resources, i don't know....

Sorry if you think I am whining, but I just wanted to finally get that off my chest!

Actually the topic could have read "anyone jealous of their spouse's work", not just business trips. I guess I focused on business trips because they represent extra opportunity and recognition within ordinary work.

It is comforting to know that there are others out there who feel the same sense of frustration at being more motivated or having equal or better skills than their native spouse, yet finding themselves in a location and society where possibilities are so limited.

No! I do not think you are whining; simply being honest about what is unacceptable. Nor do I think there is anything wrong about insisting on having work that is at least tolerable, if not satisfying and closely related to one's education.

Aren't there any chances of getting a job with your boyfriend's family's business? I for one would be very inspired if my in-laws were entrepreneurs because they would be good role models for my own endeavors....
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