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Re: Egg donor

Post by Amandine.K » Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:38 pm

Shortage that is mainly due to the fact that the donation is not anonymous and that the children born from your donation have the possibility to trace you back...

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Re: Egg donor

Post by wish-for-a-sibling » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:34 pm

We have a very special request: We are a Scandinavian-German couple, and in September 2015 my wife had an IVF treatment with donated eggs at the Fertinova clincic in Turku. 9 months later our wonderful little boy was born! We are so happy to the Fertinova clinic and especially to the egg donor! He is a very happy, sweet and healthy child. You cannot imagine how happy and grateful we are!

Now we really wish a sibling for him from the same egg donor. We think that it is very important that he is not alone, especially when he is older. And to have somebody from the same origin. Unfortunately it didn't work with the frozen embryos from 2015 from that donor. And unfortunately my wife just passed the age limit in Finland (46). Therefore we are looking now (anonymously) for his Finnish egg donor. Do you know a (Finnish) blog or facebook site or any other network where we could find his donor? Anonymous is absolutely fine for us. Unfortunately we don't speak Finnish, we only speak English, Swedish and German but we will manage somehow.

We would be extremely grateful for any hint or advice!!!

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