English language day-care & schools in Turku/Salo area?

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English language day-care & schools in Turku/Salo area?

Post by darkside » Mon Mar 08, 2004 10:49 am


My (almost 4 year old) daughter is currently attending the excellennt ICEC day-care in Dunkerinkatu, Helsinki. We have been contemplating moving to Turku or surrounding region. Does anyone have experience of English language day-cares and schools in that area? I know of two English language day-cares in Turku, but the only full-time one is so small, and the other is only half-day. Anyone know better? I'd also be interested to hear about schools in the region (for long term planning!) As Swedish is strong, are there any schools offering teaching in English for all subjects?

thanks in advance!

Andy Best

English language day-care & schools in Turku/Salo area?


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Post by Rosamunda » Mon Mar 08, 2004 11:21 am

I live in Espoo so I don't have personal knowledge of schools out there but here is the name of a contact in Salo (local education authority)


I know there is an IB school in Turku that teaches the PYP/MYP programme (ie primary and middle school)


Good Luck

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