Volunteer for elderly

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Volunteer for elderly

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I decided to become a volunteer for elderly people in Finland and I want to help with everyday help : cooking,cleaning,going to the shop,washing,taking them to the appointments in hospitals etc.Every day help .
I am ready to do my volunteer for one year in exchange for free accommodation and meal possible some pocket money just for every day hygiene.I want to learn Finish language and culture ,history etc.I am 33 years old male,non smoker,christian,don t drink.Also I have driving Licence and I am professional bus driver.
So if you know someone who need care of this kind could you please let me know.
This could be a elderly family who need help in their home or could be a nursing home or similar.
Also they need to speak English because I speak only English.
If you want to find out more about me ,please contact me here and leave your email.I have some references from UK and Norway...
Thank you

Volunteer for elderly


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