Putting kids in school when in temporary accommodation

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Putting kids in school when in temporary accommodation

Post by lily_of_the_valley » Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:50 am

Just wondering what other people have done in this situation and if anyone has any advice.

Moving to Finland just over a month before the school year ends and will be living in temporary accommodation until we secure an apartment. Some of this time we will be staying at grandma's house - several hours away from where we plan to settle.

Child will be 7 years old so obviously will have to attend school, but is there a bit of a grace period for new arrivals? Especially given there will only be 1 month left of the school year.

So I'm wondering if we will have to put our child in a school near our temporary accommodation (which may involve changing schools 2 times) and then move her to our most local school once we find an apartment? Or whether we can just start her in the autumn once we're settled in an apartment and know which area we will be living in.

She will be going to a Finnish state school, preferably the nearest to our home. Not Helsinki area.


Putting kids in school when in temporary accommodation


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