British being married in Finland

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British being married in Finland

Post by nickfosh » Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:46 pm


I am British living in the UK with my Finnish Fiance. We are getting Married in June 2017 in the Helsinki region and as we hadn't found much information online I thought I would document the process for us in case it helps anyone in the future.

My partner holds dual nationality as her Father is English born in the UK (not living in Finland and has Finnish nationality) and I am British. We have visited the Maistraatti in Helsinki to ask what documents we will need to be married. My partner has been in the UK for 3 and a half years.

Me (British)
I will need the following documents:
Certificate of no impediment (CONI) -this can has to be applied for at my local registry office in the UK. It costs £35 and is issued 28 days after the application date
The CONI then needs to be "legalised" by sending it to the legalisation office who will check the document and attach an apostle stamp. The document does not need to be translated as Maistraatti are fluent in English.
Baptism certificate (I'm catholic and being married in a Lutheran church)
Proof of currently belonging to a church (in Finland because of the church tax the register would show if you belonged to the church, from the UK I have asked the priest to write a signed statement)
A certified copy of my passport also legalised

My partner
As she has been in the UK 3 and a half years we have been told that she does not need an English CONI. If she had been in the UK for a longer period of time Maistraatti may have asked for one. We were told by the English registry office however they can only issue a CONI to someone with a British passport.

Once I have my legalised CONI and copy of passport we will book an appointment with Maistraatti. We shall both apply for a joint Finnish CONI which shall take roughly a week to complete. Once our checks have been completed our certificate shall be forwarded to the Parish that shall marry us.

We have already met with our Priest who has checked that my partner is a member of the church and checked my documents to ensure I can be married within the church.

Once we have our documents I shall update this entry.


Well after 28 days my CONI was ready for collection from the local registry office and I sent it off to be legalised and have an apostille stamp attached. All in all the process took 43 days and cost £71.18 including the postage charges. The next step is to visit Maistraatti in Helsinki on our next visit and apply for our certificate to marry in Finland.

British being married in Finland


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