schooling for 14 and a 16 yr old in English

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schooling for 14 and a 16 yr old in English

Post by sisko » Mon May 15, 2017 3:06 pm


I 'm thinking about moving back to Finland with my 14 & 16 year old daughters. The problem is I never tought them Finnish.

I've so many questions about the schools, and I wander if anyone can help.

My daughters will have to join an englsh speaking class. In these public international schools like the one in Vantaa and Espoo/public schools with an enlish speaking class like Ressu or Kulosaari, would there be many kids whose first language is English??? Do they give Finnish lessons?

This IB program, is it something they run alongside the Finnish curriculum, or separate program? Can matriculation examination be done in English? Also, is it hard for the kids to be accepted to lukio with an IB program????

I know that's a lot of questions, and if anyone has the time to answer even one of them, I'd be very grateful :)

schooling for 14 and a 16 yr old in English


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