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Post by Violetrays » Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:15 pm

Hello everyone,

my husband and i been have rocky relationship for two years already. January 2017 he filed divorce of marriage but eventually he cancelled it and tried to settle things together.Weeks after our marriage we made a post nuptial agreement, things had been messy between us even we both love each other. We are fighting every now and then and there is always a treat of separation before he finally filed for divorce on January 2017 (we got married January 2015) In the year 2016, we had a big fight that ending me up buying a ticket going back to my home country and that i signed a paper that if ever i will be in my home country he will process the cancellation of all official matters in Finland, but there was no specific date of validation in the paper. But eventually despite the ready ticket we were able to settled again. And he even take my kids here in Finland even i'm not so okay with it because our relationship is not so okay, but because he was doubtful that i don't trust him that's why i don't want to take my kids in Finland. so to prove to him that i really want to build a life with him, i took my children in here. But in late 2017 our fight have been physical and we even reach the "lastensuojelu stage" and that's the time that i really want to go out from him and made a paper voluntarily waving my rights to his property and the effectivity is when the divorce will be finalize. We live in different places and do our stuff on our own but eventually we still end up fixing our relationship. in late 2018 i move back to our home. things are okay but still there are times that we are fighting and it gets physical, just like today (physical but not life threatening but still its physical thank God that the kids not see it this time). He has an on going battle for the custody of his child in the court that's why i did not report my case to the police this time. In fairness to him, he is very responsible father to his son and to my kids,that even we are fighting he still take care of my kids and treat my kids like his own and never been physical nor even shout in any of them. But being a husband he could not grasp the idea that i have my own mind and have my own decision. I don't have any plan to leave him, i want to stay and fight for our marriage but i'm very doubtful about him that he is planning something. When he still keep those old agreement and now that we fight i could not find anymore those paper. I am worried because i'm planning to have 6 weeks vacation on summer in my home country.

I want to ask if the agreement we made on 2016 is it still effective until now? that he can process the official matters in my behalf. i'm afraid that when i comeback after the vacation, my visa is already cancelled, our benefits are also canceled. I want to continue my life in Finland since my kids have already been integrated here and i am school for future employment.

Does the paper wavering my rights is still effective thought the divorce had been cancelled?




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Post by jarikaija » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:01 am

Violetrays wrote:
Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:15 pm
I want to ask if the agreement we made on 2016 is it still effective until now? that he can process the official matters in my behalf. i'm afraid that when violetrays
Mmmm... really hard to answer. But an one thing I know... One paper, if you have done, prenuptial agreement will never get old.

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