Driving Licences

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Post by Hank W. » Tue May 27, 2003 9:16 am

Well, Tony, people who don't drive get an ID card...

Issuing identity cards to foreigners

The police may under the Municipality of Residence Act issue standard identity cards and electronic identity cards to foreigners living permanently in Finland who have been entered in the population data system and whose identity can be reliably confirmed.

Identity card applications must always be submitted to the local police in person.

When applying for an identity card, you must have with you

two passport photographs (preferably black-and-white)
reliable proof of identity (for example, passport, identity card or driving licence)
if the applicant is under 18 years, the consent of a guardian is required (except for a minor's identity card).


Electronic identity card EUR 29
Standard identity card EUR 26
Identity card for a minor EUR 26
Temporary identity card EUR 30
Decision to refuse an
identity card EUR 16

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Post by PeterF » Tue May 27, 2003 11:12 am

I got the plastic ID permanent resisdents plastic photo card that Hank refers to has been accepted on all except two occasions.
I used to have a very tatty UK paper driving licence.
1: One car hire company in Greece would not accept it together with my Finnish ID card..but it was OK with my passport.
2: Policeman at one those random check points threw a wabbly when I presented my bits of paper licence..kept me hanging around until his boss came and checked it..he grunted and said .. "OK but go to Tikkurila police station and change it for a Finnish one or else apply to UK for a new approved EU plastic card."
As I was visiting UK the following week I went into a post office and got the forms and advice..she was very helpfull and knowledgeable.
"If you apply for the new licence on grounds of change of address it is free.. NO CHARGE.., you just need following:
One passport size photo signed on back by someone who has known you for two years; Your birth certificate or passport, a pemanent address in UK.
Problem. "I live in Finland.!"
Not so big a problem she says...
"Rules do not say you have to live at this permanent address just that it is an address via which you can be permanently contacted/reached.. i.e. close relative."
So I fill in the form for change of address from my last home n UK to my sons home, attach required photo and documents..two weeks later my son phones me and says.."Dad your new driving licence is here!"
I now have it ..it is credit card size. .there is an accompanying piece of paper a bit like the old paper licence..the booklet says that both are needed when hiring cars as the paper thing is a certificate record of missdeeds etc. :roll:

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UK Driving license

Post by JasonS » Tue May 27, 2003 11:26 pm

"Rules do not say you have to live at this permanent address just that it is an address via which you can be permanently contacted/reached.. i.e. close relative."
Thank you Peter for that great piece of advice! I have a tatty paper license. I am going to the post office tomorrow to apply for a card using my parents UK address as a change of address. ie. free (am moving to Finland in late June)

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