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Post by gavin » Tue Jun 10, 2003 10:48 pm

Here is somthing that your better half might be interested in..

The top 15 (by average salary) occupations in China



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Post by PeterF » Wed Jun 11, 2003 9:32 am

[quote="Huijun"][If you have a lot opinion about the life in China, we would be more than interesting to listen to you...

. If you have a lot opinion about the life in China, we would be more than interesting to listen to you...

My opinions about China...well first I should say that my visits to China have been scattered over the past 20 years so I have seen a lot of changes.
Secondly China is a HUGE country (25 times the size of Finland)
I have been to Beijing and Shanghai and also some small towns and villages and there is a big big difference of the way of life and the attitude to westerners from cities to villages.

I am not surpriised that a Pori boy was afraid of the crowds etc..
Shanghai has a population of over 13 million and on a Sundays they all seem to go out for a walk or a bike ride at the same time.
Its location squeezed in a triangle at the junction of two rivers means there is not much space for these 13 million walkers.
It is mind blowing.
Beijing is not much smaller and is non stop 24 hour traffic jams and car horns are used instead of breaks.
Where is your home in China?..
If it is a big city and he can learn to live with the crowds and the noise then you are in with a chance of a happyish life.
But if it is the country side...he will find it tough to get accepted..he will be a novelty and knowing Finns he will hate that.

You really need to explain to him more about Chinese culture.
You must know what I mean, the way of socilal relations and networking to get influence called Guanxi.
There is a Finnish expert on the subject who advises the Foreign ministry on Chinese affairs and culture. I think he written some books in Finnish on the subject his name is Jukka Lahtinen and he is a lecturer at Tampere University..look in the library for his books.
He must learn how to live and survive and become a Finn in China.
Then you can start to look for work for your Pori boy in China.

By the way there is quite a sizeable Finnish community in Beijing and other cities through companies like Nokia.
But also several other Finnish companies are there. Most of the big ones have offices. I was told that there are over 250 Finns working in the Beijing area.
There are at least two Finnish owned pubs in Beijing where they tend to meet.
The most popular is the Mexican Wave, they sell Pizzas and Lapin Kulta
It is between the World Trade Centre..and Silk Street Market.
It is also used by the Finnair crews..their hotel is near the world trade centre.
When I was last there I meet a team of guys from a Finnish forrestry company who were working on a project to plant forests in China to improve the envoironment... they told me it was something to do with trees eating polution!? How many beers did I drink that night :oops: :oops: It was a good session.. :wink:
There were also two guys from Kone and one from Outokumpu..hej dont they have a factory near Pori?? I am sure I have seen a sign off to the left about 20 kilometers before Pori..?? :idea: :idea:
You need to do some research into which Finnish companies are in China.
Good luck.

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Post by Caroline » Thu Jul 17, 2003 10:01 pm

- Does your partner have a good job and can he support you financially for the time you are unemployed?

I´m not 100% sure about this, but based on other Finnish-foreign couples´situations, I think it is possible for a foreign legal spouse of a Finnish citizen to get Kela unemployment welfare if the Finnish spouse´s income is below a certain level, so there wouldn´t necessarily be a need for her partner to support her financially once they are married. Once she is a legal resident based on marriage to a Finnish citizen and signs up with the employment office, she´ll be priority for a MAMU language course anyway.

However, although the spousal benefit system is in place for good intentions, I think it is a band-aid approach to solving the problem.
Former expat in Finland, now living in New Hampshire USA.

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Post by PeterF » Fri Jul 18, 2003 12:30 pm

Caroline wrote:-
I think it is a band-aid approach to solving the problem.
Caroline you hit the nail on the head..we are only able to offer this pair a sholder to cry on no real help
Scenario :
Chinese girls come to Finland to study meets Finnish boy (class mate) they fall in love.
Finnish boy comes from Pori , small sea side town famous for jazz festival and also for way above average un-employment.
They are both new graduates and now start to realise that jobs are not so east to find. The girl does not speak Finnish, and in Pori English is only spoken by a few, other than during the jazz festival ..the fact that she is Chinese in a small Finnish town does not help.
He can probably find some work somewhere eventualy..but she is offered only cleaning jobs. For an educated Chinese girl that is culturaly not easy for her to accept.
She knows that her eductaion will get her a good job in China but not in Finland, so she intends to return to China and take boy friend with her.
Problems then become his..Finnish boy does not speak Chinese knows little or nothing about China or Chinese complicated culture.
His chances of getting work in China are slim.
Will he get a residents permit?
How do we advise them.?
But as the last time we heard form these two was a month ago..hopefully they have found their own solution.

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Post by jvrijn » Fri Jul 18, 2003 12:55 pm

An alternative is to find a place where they can both make a decent living, deploy their skills.

Why not move to a place where they speak English and the job market is not so tight? Once the economy picks up, they could have a look at the UK, Singapore, even Hong Kong ....


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Post by neil » Fri Jul 18, 2003 1:26 pm

I'd like 'The Boyfriend' to post his thoughts.

Please add a link to

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